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Ph.D. Therapist specializes in treatments for:
Alcoholism and Chemical Addiction
Anxiety and Depression including severe depression
Career Transitioning
Marriage and Relationship Counseling
Mood Disorders among many others
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Depression Therapies:

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Other Treatments Provided:

Alcoholism | Depression | Career Transitions | Marriage And Relationship Counseling | Mood Disorders

Specialties :

Among my specialties as a practicing psychologist in the city of New York, New York are therapy and treatments for alcoholism, career transitions, marriage and relationship counseling, mood disorders or emotional disturbances, anxiety or fear. I have years of experience in treating anxiety and depression, especially serious depression. I believe that many problems emanate from faulty interpersonal relations and can help you spot self sabotaging patterns. I provide a therapy that is down to earth and relies on both the examination of troublesome feelings as well as unnerving thinking patterns.

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Dr John O'Leary, Depression Psychologist Therapist, New York City
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